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  • Scientific/Botanical Name: Tectona grandis.
  • Heartwood tends to be golden or medium brown.
  • The texture is uneven and coarse with straight grain.
  • Average dried density: 655kg/m3.
  • Radial and tangential shrinkages are 2.6% & 5.3%.
  • It is considered the gold standard for decay resistance.
  • Modulus of Rupture: 14,080 lbf/in2.
  • Teak is also resistant to termites.
  • It is easy to work with,it glues and finishes well.


  • Botanical Name:Pinus(subfamily Pinoideae).
  • Available as round or sawn timber.
  • It is medium weight and relatively soft.
  • It is available as round or sawn timber, as well as veneer.
  • Possesses good strength and elasticity.
  • Wood sample's density can range from 350 to 550 kg/m3.
  • The heartwood has good natural durability.
  • Contains high natural moisture content.
  • Can be worked easily with hand or machine.
  • Colouring only affects the appearance,not the properties.
  • Properties of the wood depend upon the density of growth rings.
  • Extensively used in building and construction.
  • Nailed,screwed or glued connections are straightforward.

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